Entry Guide


Entries to the Mobile News awards are submitted to our online entry portal

The judges will see the identical format for every entry. So there is no need to worry that your entry may be outshone by organisations that may have bigger advertising and PR budgets.

  1. Click on the Enter the Awards button below or the CATEGORIES tab on the menu. Select the category you wish to enter.
  2. You will need to create an account. You will receive an email containing an activation link, please activate your account. You will need to activate your account before you can complete your nomination or booking.
  3. If you already have an account please use your login credentials. Use the “Forgot password” link to reset your password.
  4. Complete the required fields for your chosen categories, upload any images, supporting files and YouTube links.
  5. Submit and complete the entry
  6. Pay the £195+VAT entry fee
  7. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUMBIT YOUR INFORMATION UNTIL YOU HAVE VALIDATED YOUR ACCOUNT. You will be able to ‘Save for later‘ and return after validation to continue your submission. If you complete any fields and don’t ‘Save for later’ your information will be lost. We suggest you validate your account first then start your submission.

You can edit your entry up until the submission deadline.


Any organistion with a UK presence supplying products and/or services to the UK mobile channel e.g. distributors, MVNOs, operators, dealers, retailers manufacturers etc.

Yes. You may engage any outside marketing agency, consultant, PR agency or advertising agency to produce and submit your entry.

Yes. The £195 fee is a ONE-OFF PAYMENT and you may enter as many relevant categories as you desire.

An entry must relate to a product, service or commercial activity available to the mobile channel and (where applicable) consumer customers from January 1, 2019.

Your entry will be seen by our panel of judges who will be asked to sign a declaration that they will not reveal the contents of your entry. We also reserve the right to publish extracts from winning entries in print and online. If there is any sensitive information you would prefer not to be in the public domain you should mark it “Confidential”. We will not reproduce any data from your entry that is marked as “Confidential’. Please use this exclusion only where necessary. For example, requests to regard the ENTIRE entry as “Confidential” will not be acknowledged.

Your entry will be judged by mobile industry professionals. You should assume they know little (if anything) about your organisation/product/service. The judges have a limited amount of time to examine entries so keep your sentences short and concise.

Avoid waffle. Facts and stats are more powerful and impressive than flowery mission statements and PR puff.

If you make claims of being “biggest” and “best” - supply supporting evidence (e.g. customer feedback, independent market research etc)

There is the option to upload files (20 MB max) or provide judges with a custom URL so that you can direct them to any additional supporting material e.g. video and customer testimonials. We strongly recommend you make use of this.

Select the right awards based on your strengths. The challenge is to the judges that you are the best organisation that entered that particular award or category. You have a better stand chance of winning than you think. Include evidence of any claims about being the best. Evidence can be independent testimonials, latest turnover and profit KPI's, published reviews etc. Stick to answering the questions. Don't go off on a tangent and respond to questions that haven't been asked. Use plain English and steer clear of jargon. Although the judges are experts don’t assume they know every detail about your sector or product.

The British Chamber of Commerce offers an excellent advice on how to enter and win awards here.

Yes. In fact we almost insist you do this! Products and samples can be submitted for the following hardware-related categories: Best Smartphone, Premium Manufacturer, Challenger Manufacturer, Accessory Manufacturer and Innovative Product.

Please note in response to demand we have extended the demand for entries until midnight Friday 7th February.